Nofa Industrial products started  in 2015 in this field, with its work methodology and the process has become one of the major competitors in the field in very little time. Nofa industrial products, deliver goods all over Saudi Arabia. It also acts as a supplier of Industrial products and fabrication. The reason why Nofa is one of the favorites among the customers is because of the fact that it provides the quality products and deals genuinely with the services.

Nofa provides the products such as; bearings, belts, pulleys and rollers, rubber products, silicone rubber products, gasket materials, gland packing, PTFE products, SS products, hoses, coupling and spares, fiberglass materials, safety items, acrylic items, pneumatics, asbestos packing materials etc.

Nofa industrial products act as one stop destination for all the products and the industrial services that are essential for smooth functioning of the industries. The fabrication provided are, steel, aluminium, spring, plastic and rubber moulding. The reason behind the growth of the brand in very little time is due to the working pattern and the perfect delivery of the materials that are essential in the industrial processes. The part and parcel of the industrial process is all the materials that is required for the processes, Nofa provides exactly what is required and the products and services that play a major role in all the industrial processes. The prompt service does not keep the client wondering about the arrival of the products.


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